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Hey friends, I'm Kim, your trusted baker from the heart of New Orleans! Being a native of this vibrant city has instilled in me a deep appreciation for its rich culture, legendary cuisine, and the cherished bonds of family. It brings me immense joy to share with you my passion for desserts and the authentic flavors of New Orleans.

From a young age, my beloved grandmother imparted her culinary wisdom, teaching me the art of cooking and baking. She lovingly handed down her treasured New Orleans recipes, and now, I have the privilege of passing them on to you! Let me tell you, Bey Baby, desserts hold a special place in my heart, and it's where I truly shine.

Every dessert I create is meticulously handcrafted and tailored to your preferences, ensuring a delectable experience that is made-to-order with love. Drawing inspiration from my New Orleans roots, my recipes stay true to the time-honored traditions that make this city's cuisine so extraordinary.

Over the years, I've achieved remarkable success with three thriving bakeries, with my latest venture leading me to the esteemed campus of Yale University. The love for my southern-inspired delicacies has taken me far and wide, but my heart remains firmly rooted in my hometown.

As a firm believer in the power of presentation, I take great care in beautifully packaging my desserts for all occasions. They are not just sweets; they are tokens of warmth and affection, perfect for celebrations, gatherings, or moments of indulgence.

Beyond my baking expertise, I am equally passionate about sharing my knowledge. As an educator, I'm delighted to assist those seeking to enhance their baking, packaging, and business skills. Together, we can elevate the art of sweet creations and foster a community of talented bakers.

So if you crave the finest desserts without the hassle of baking, look no further. Place your order today, and let me, KimTheKakeQueen, sweeten your day with the essence of New Orleans. Remember, wholesale options are also available for those seeking to share the love of our delectable treats far and wide. What are you waiting for? Let's embark on this delightful journey together!

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Queen Zuri Southern Pudding/Ready Mix

Queen Zuri Southern Pudding/Ready Mix

Our Southern Pudding was created so customers can now "dress" (as we... 

The Queen Zuri Story

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